Shaker Cup

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20oz NewGreens Drink Mixer


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You know what a Bonus Cup is, right? Well, this is our version of the famous “Bonus Cup” except you don’t add coffee to this one, you add NewGreens!


Descendents (everyone’s favorite band) references aside, this is a super high end shaker cup that won’t leak like other shaker cups you may have tried.

There’s even a super functional mixer ball included for fast and easy shaking. This high tech addition developed by real physicists from CERN, MIT and CalTech reduces shake time by up to 42%*.


NewGreens Shaker Cup

Get Minted on your next dog walk, adventure or gym workout with this leak proof & dishwasher safe shaker cup. High density and BPA-Free (Non-Toxic) materials make these Built to Last!


For tactical types, and active civilians on the go, we designed and included a handy dandy carry loop that couples nicely with a carabiner so you can be hand’s free between delicious sips of NewGreens and Instagramming.

But that’s not all, the big feature of the NewGreens Shaker Cup is its custom-ness. With our patented #GetMinted colored top and killer UV coated screen print (to look like a bunch of stickers) designed by NewGreens Ambassador, professional snowboarder and friend to animals Todd Richards.

#GetMinted #GetShook

*Shaker Ball not really developed by physicists, but we think Sean Carroll would approve.

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